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We serve our business partners with thoughtful guidance for cost-effective claims and risk solutions. ideal3 was founded by insurance and legal experts with deep roots supporting the domestic and surplus lines insurance markets. We are passionate about and dedicated to our craft.

ideal3's effective claims management is key to the success and profitability of our clients. ideal3 is focused on the individualized needs of each client, and we understand that successful claims handling is driven by responsiveness, the ability to understand complex coverage issues, and navigating the wide array of factual and legal issues that arise throughout the life of a claim.

At ideal3, we believe that each claim is unique and that a "one size fits all" approach does not work. Our skilled and experienced claims team works directly with our clients to ensure that each claim is resolved expeditiously and in the most cost-effective way possible based on the particulars of that claim. After the strategic resolution of 20,000 claims and 80 years of combined experience, we provide the highest level of knowledgeable, professional, and individualized customer service in the industry.

In today's competitive, novel, and litigious claims climate, it is critical that you have a trusted independent claims manager like ideal3.

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