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ideal3 is a specialty independent claims and risk management firm.

We serve our partners with thoughtful guidance and effective solutions to strategically align business interests. ideal3 was founded by insurance and legal experts with deep roots supporting the London market. Our passion and dedication is on customer service, maintaining our core business model, and fostering an intelligent culture.

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ideal3 understands how critical effective claims management is to the success of any self-insurance, deductible or risk-retention program. As ideal3, we are a responsive third party administrator focused on the individualized needs of each client. An effective TPA is able to comprehend and navigate the complex  array of claims issues and apply the best available solutions.  In today's competitive and litigious claim climate, it is critical that you have a trusted TPA that can supply experienced and highly skilled claim and risk assessment staff who provide the highest level of knowledgeable, professional, and individualized customer service.