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ideal3 is a specialty independent claims and risk management firm founded by insurance and legal experts. Made up exclusively of attorneys, underwriters and claims experts with more than 40 years of experience, ideal3 delivers timely and sound counsel to ensure clients find ways to pay valid claims and avoid structural conflicts of interest. ideal3’s ancillary claims services, pre-claim planning, claims management, risk consulting and loss control services are currently benefiting both the carrier and insured clients across the globe, including London, Germany, and North America.

THE ideal3 WAY

At ideal3, we understand how critical effective claims management is to the success of any insurance program. Our claims service is backed with a promise to provide focused and prompt reporting, early intervention, intelligent investigation, timely solutions and proper resolutions. This promise is fulfilled in a way that leaves every client feeling like ideal3 is not only an invested partner, but an invaluable extension of each client's own business. When it comes to managing claims, ideal3 is committed to: 

•    Reviewing claims for proper coverage when reported and submitting to the appropriate insurer.
•    Promptly paying all covered claims which are payable within draft authority.
•    Assisting the insurer and the client with information flow, policy information, and interpretation.
•    Facilitating investigative meetings and payment of bills by the carrier.
•    Reviewing individual claims with clients to determine and evaluate strategy, reserves, and disposition claims.
•    Negotiating with insurer or client where coverage is questionable.

To ideal3, risk management equals responsibility. Clients benefit from the ideal3 approach to identifying and managing risks, the commitment to identifying cost-effective solutions, and dedication to continued improvement. Services provided with a hands-on approach include:

•    Provision of a 24-hour live claims hotline.
•    Issuing confirmation of coverage at the earliest opportunity.
•    Providing clarity about the process to deliver payment.
•    Promotion of prompt payment of claims and leadership that provides market solutions.
•    A guarantee to speak with brokers on the same day as a request.
•    Reaching out to carriers and insured clients within 24-hours of first contact of new matters.